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3v3 Elementary/Junior High Basketball Tournament!

Elm Creek Booster Club 3-3 Tournament

Sunday December 2nd @ 1:00 pm Elm Creek Public Schools

Cost:    $60-payable to Elm Creek Booster Club (maximum 5 players)
Deadline: November 23rd
Cancelation: $30 fee will be retained
Games:  Guaranteed 3 games
Awards:  1st & 2nd team in each division

Concessions will be available!
$2.00 admission

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Get a copy of the rules here!


Elm Creek Booster Club 3-3 Basketball Tournament Rules


  1. Two points will be awarded for any successful shot behind the 3-point line.
  2. Games will be played to 20 or a time limit of 25 minutes, whichever is reached first.
  3. A field goal is worth 1 point.  A free throw is worth 1 point.

Time-Outs and Substitutions:

  1. Each team may take one, 1-minute time-out per game.  No time-outs during the last 3 minutes.
  2. Substitutions on dead balls only.
  3. No limit on substitutions.

Change of Possession:

  1. The ball changes possession after made baskets.
  2. The defense must “check” the ball after made baskets, fouls and violations.  (Ball will be inbounded, pass the marked lines at the top of the key.  The ball cannot be passed to another team member on the same side of the line on the initial inbound.  Lines for the inbound are as follows: the 10 foot spike line is the inbound line. The player will have 5 seconds to inbound the ball.
  3. A checked ball must be PASSED in from behind the check-line.  Dribbling will result in a turnover.
  4. Only the player with the ball can be outside the check-line until it is passed in.
  5. After missed baskets or a steal, the player with the ball must step clearly across the three-point arch line.
  6. Jump balls alternate possessions.
  7. The team listed first on the bracket is the home team and gets the ball first.


  1. A player is allowed 5 fouls.
  2. Team fouls will be recorded.  A free-throw will be awarded for non-shooting fouls on and after the 7th team foul.
  3. ON NON-SHOOTING FOULS, on or after the 7th team foul, the ball will change possession on a made free throw, but not on a missed free throw.
  4. SHOOTING FOULS will be handled in the following manner:
  1. On a “made shot shooting foul”, the ball will change possession whether the free throw is made or missed.
  2. On a “missed shot shooting foul”, the ball will only change possession if the free throw is made.
  3. On a “made two-point shot shooting foul,” the ball will change possession whether the free throw is made or missed.
  4. On a “missed two-point shot shooting foul.” two free throws will be awarded.  The ball will change possession only if at least one of the free throws is made.
  1. One free throw and the ball will be awarded on technical, flagrant, or intentional fouls.  Repeated incidents will result in disqualification.  (Teams may play with as few as two players.)

Winner Determination:

  1. Tied games will be determined by sudden death overtime.  Home teams takes the ball out.
  2. On round-robin formats, winners will be determined by best record, with ties broken by head-to-head results or score differentials.





Nov 1st Booster Club Meeting!

Don’t forget to come join us at the Booster Club Meeting on November 1st at 7:00 PM at the Elm Creek School in the commons area!  Agenda will be posted!

We help purchase equipment for various organizations & athletics at ECPS.  We would love help making these kinds of decisions for more parents and community members!  All are welcome and meetings are open to the public!