Minutes 2015-08-03

EC Booster Club – August 3rd, 2015

President Pat Hellriegel, Vice President Suzanne Brodine, Treasurer Ryan Strope, Secretary Mark Gillming, Amy Gillming, Chad and Cherlyn Hunt, Cole Brodine, and Ryan Hellriegel attended the meeting. Rick Bauer and Dean Tickle also attended the meeting.

Pat called meeting to order.  Introductions of the committee.

Ryan spoke to the bank. They wanted federal and state tax id #’s. If bank is willing to set up account we can start taking money right away. Ryan would like more than one ss # on the account to start.  Need a 1023 form to be recognized as non profit.  Not sure if we need to register w/ Secretary of state but we may have to.

Pat discussed the committees desire to not be under the foundation. Suzanne discussed the group and getting the EIN number. She would like to have another local committee hold the funds until the account is set up rather than persons from the committee put the account in their name and ss#.  The school may possibly hold the funds temporarily.

Dean said that Greg Perry from Perry Law would review the bylaws for us.

Mark and Pat discussed the brochure for the club. Pat discussed what Holdrege does for their club and fundraising. Discussion commenced on what we should have in our language for what we will contribute to. Suzanne said we should limit to supplies and equipment.

Amy showed the apparel prices from Dimilico, 24 hr tees, and sayler. 24 hr gives us a 20% kickback. Dimilico – 30%. Would have a website to order from both of them. She had some examples of what other teams and sports are doing even with things like seats and blankets. 24 hour tees said they could turnaround the website and promotion items available soon.

Mark talked about the flags. The breakdown is around 300 flags to get them under $20 each. That would be $6,000. The committee agreed that this should be a year 2 project possibly.

Cole talked about the website and domains he has purchased as well as Twitter and Facebook. He can set up users and would invite help with the site and pictures. He discussed instagram and google as well.

Pat brought up bylaws. She had examples from Holdrege and discussed the Stuarts from the organizational meeting. Amy talked about Gibbon’s booster club having a 5 year or longer rule and that they generally worked on 3 events equally. Cheer is not a regular event due to title nine. We discussed listing Elm Creek lettering activities rather than saying NSAA activities. Suzanne stated that we may be required to have an annual meeting due to having members. Dean said we may want to tie in such meetings with other events.  Discussion commenced about a membership and a Fall and Spring

membership meeting. Pat asked for assistance with bylaws and Suzanne volunteered. Discussion commenced on voting and requests for money. Chad stated that we should make a bylaws meeting and bring them to the next meeting. Pat said that the sooner we get the bylaws done the sooner we can raise money. Chad suggested talking to fire boards and other non profits regarding board insurance. Suzanne talked about who we should look at for CPA work. Ryan volunteered to call about a CPA. Cherlyn said she would call insurance companies locally. Discussion came out on legal council using pro bono work for us.

Discussion about tiers for donations.  Cole suggested $500 as the high number or adding it. Buffalo Booster Executive was the name suggested and approved for the $500 level. Other was also suggested as a level and approved.  Roberts rules of orders were  suggested for the committee meetings. Pat asked to motion Roberts rules of order for all meetings. Cole motioned it and Amy seconded it. The committee unanimously approved using them.

Mark asked about what will need to be said at the sports meeting on 8/10/15. Mark and Amy will be attending and speaking on our behalf. Mark would like to get the pamphlet finalized and possibly a demo sheet of apparel. Members can make checks payable to Elm Creek Booster Club. Chad motioned that we acquire a PO Box.  Amy seconded and it was approved by the committee.

Pat brought up fundraising activities. Kiss a pig will start during the stampede with kissing at the homecoming pep rally. Homecoming(10/2) will be the tailgate.  There are 3 people volunteered that have agreed to kiss a pig. M&J signs was suggested for a banner to use at the parade.  We discussed the apparel and what we would like to sell.

Amy was suggested in charge of the apparel sheet. Mark motioned and Chad seconded. We will try to have something by the 8/10/15 meeting. Mark will buy a flag and call for prices.

Next meeting will be 10/6/15. Suzanne suggested 8/17/15 to finalize our stampede preparation and parents meeting apparel review. Chad seconded. The committee approved the meeting.

Suzanne motioned to adjourn.  Cole seconded.