Minutes 2015-08-17

ECBC Minutes
Monday, August 17, 2015
Elm Creek Public School

The meeting was called to order by P. Hellriegel at 7:05 p.m. In attendance were: Pat Hellriegel, Ryan Hellriegel, Cole Brodine, Suzanne Brodine, Cherlyn Hunt, Chad Hunt, Rick Bauer, Ryan Strope, and Alicia Watkins. Also present was Dean Tickle. Absent were: Amy and Mark Gillming. Minutes from the previous meeting were emailed to the Executive Board in advance of the meeting. There were no additions or corrections. The minutes were approved as presented.

Old Business

Discussion was held on draft bylaws, which was made available to the Executive Board for review on Google Drive as well as handed out at the meeting.  P. Hellriegel and S. Brodine reviewed pertinent changes from previous drafts and examples. C. Brodine moved to approve the bylaws as presented and forward it to the ECPS attorney for review. Cherlyn Hunt seconded. The motion passed.

Discussion was held on the draft agreement with ECPS regarding finances and legal counsel, which was made available to the Executive Board for review on Google Drive. S. Brodine gave an overview of the content of the agreement. Chad Hunt moved to approve the agreement as presented and forward it to the ECPS attorney for review. Strope seconded. The motion passed.

  1. Hellriegel gave a brief overview of the results of the parents’ meeting, in place of A. Gillming. Many flyers were handed out, but no questions were posed regarding ECBC at the meeting. Chad Hunt reported additional requests for flyers and suggested they be made available at the Stampede. P. Hellriegel suggested that coaches could encourage students to contact grandparents and other non-Elm Creek residents as potential donors as well as general advertisement of ECBC in the Beacon. Bauer confirmed that the school could send information flyers home with students. Strope suggested inserts be printed for activity programs. P. Hellriegel suggested having a manned table at the 1st scrimmages with flyers and members of the Executive Board prepped to discuss the organization. Cherlyn Hunt suggested all Board members share/like the ECBC Facebook page to spur additional interest.
  1. Hellriegel reviewed the draft donation letter for businesses, which was passed out draft at the meeting. Chad Hunt questioned if there should be a receipt; C. Brodine suggested a form letter for tax purposes and stated the letter could be mailed or emailed to donor. Discussion was held on starting level for business forms; consensus determined that the letter was appropriate as presented. Action was moved on the agenda to coincide with discussion of the business recipient list.

The review of apparel was tabled for an electronic discussion, in absence of A. Gillming. P. Hellriegel discussed current apparel sales at Fosters’ sale with owner Kelly. Fosters’ are happy to finish selling the items that they have at this time and not selling any more. C. Brodine suggested that Fosters’ could sell the ECBC items and take a percentage of the sale in exchange for offering that for community convenience. Tickle reported on the football apparel email sent out. This will be the only team driven apparel sale – but all proceeds will go to the booster club. Discussion held was held. Tickle stated that all future fundraisers for school events will require administration approval and that tax dollars cannot pay for coaches gear.

Cherlyn reported on Board Insurance. She received a quote from Hinrichsen (Elm Creek Insurance Agency) of $643.75 for full year. Two other agencies have been contacted but have not yet submitted quotes.

Strope reported on quotes for CPA services for audits. Two companies have been contacted but no response has been received to date. Strope noted that he personally secured a PO Box 301 for ECBC; Strope and A. Gillming have keys. Discussion held on prices and the physical address related to the box. Strope will look into switching address to some other than the school to enable free box.

The report on cling-on prices was tabled to the next meeting.

The report on flag prices was tabled to the next meeting.

Discussion was held regarding the Buffalo Stampede. Cherlyn Hunt stated she would discuss the banner with the manufacturer and order it for the parade. Chad Hunt suggested 500 flyers be printed to hand out during the parade using the same verbiage as the parents’ meeting flyer. SB and Cherlyn Hunt will split the printing.  P. Hellriegel discussed Kiss the Pig. Watkins stated that McCarter, Dueland, and Tickle had agreed to participate. P. Hellriegel; Sullivan, Keep, Pullium, Key, Lowe were also contacted but have not responded.  Donations shall be collected at the Stampede; the Kissing exhibition will take place at the Homecoming pep rally. Bauer stated he would provide photos of participants for the collection jars. Watkins will register ECBC for parade and confirm that a table with the banner may be set up in park near bouncy houses and other events for Saturday only. S. and C. Brodine stated they would walk in the parade and hand out flyers. P. Hellriegel and Watkins offered to split time at the table with Brodines.  Strope will provide a 6’ folding table.

New Business

  1. Hellriegel presented a draft list of local businesses. Further discussion was held on the letter. Consensus determined that the letter should be mailed out soon. Cherlyn Hunt suggested P. Hellriegel add the logo and then send out the letter. S. Brodine moved to send out the letter as presented with the addition of the logo to the list created by R. Hellriegel. R. Hellriegel seconded. The motion passed.

Booster Club Board Member Shirts

  1. Brodine discussed the shirts for the Executive Board; he will select 3 options and email them to the group for an electronic vote and their size. He stated that Alynn Brodine will embroider at no cost. C. Brodine will notify each member of cost once the order is placed.

Homecoming Tailgate

Discussion was held on the Homecoming Tailgate on October 2, 2015. P. Hellriegel suggested food options. Discussion held on the importance of items that could be made ahead of time and served quickly and easily. Chad Hunt suggested walking tacos for ease of making and eating, and the variation from concession offerings; he suggested Fosters should be contacted to order meat. R. Hellriegel suggested IBP may donate meat; he will contact the company. Cherlyn Hunt offered to verify amount necessary to prepare 300 meals. C. Brodine suggested that other food items necessary should be ordered through Fosters.  The possibility of having fold up picnic tables at the baseball concession stand was discussed as well as lemonade and iced tea, water provided by the school , and roasters provided by Hunts and possibly ECVFD.. Serving was scheduled from 6:00 p.m. to half-time with advertising of posters, website, social media, and the Beacon. A free will donation was discussed as a potential for more revenue than a set price. P. Hellriegel noted that the item would be on the next agenda for action.

  1. Hellriegel discussed the forms required to register the organization as a 501(c)(3) – Form 1023 and Form SS-4. S. Brodine recommended that the Executive Board fill out the tax forms and request the ECPS attorney review along with the Articles and Bylaws, and that the attorney submit all documents to the State and IRS. Hellriegel motioned C. Brodine prepare forms for next meeting. Chad Hunt seconded. The motion passed.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 1 at 7:00 p.m. at Elm Creek Public School.

Hearing no objections, P. Hellriegel adjourned the meeting at 8:35 p.m.