Minutes 2016-07-19

EC Booster Club – July 19th, 2016

President Pat Hellriegel, Vice President Suzanne Brodine, Secretary Mark Gillming, Amy Gillming, Cole Brodine, attended the meeting. Rick Bauer also attended the meeting.  Treasurer Ryan Strope also attended.

Pat called meeting to order. Agenda was presented and approved. Balance is $5,877.84

Rick and Amy have been looking at some apparel. Moonlight has some options for an online store and/or bulk ordering. 1st or 2nd week of August would be their target for starting the store.  We discussed purchasing some flags.  A motion was passed to purchase several demonstration items to try to sell through the store. Suzanne motioned that we order some party favors. Ryan seconded and the motion carried. Mark motioned that he be authorized to purchase roughly 250 flags for an amount similar to the rough quote of $1,750. Ryan seconded. Cole motions that we spend approximately $1,000 on apparel items to sell.  Amy volunteered to head that part up.  Mark seconded the motion.

Stampede booths – corn hole, gunny sacks, free throw contest, face painting, 3 legged race, can softball toss. We need to get 12 kids to volunteer. We decided that we would sell tickets for each event. Mark motioned that Suzanne is buying stampede prizes and tickets.  Cole seconded.  Motion carried.

$66 for PO. Cole motioned Ryan pay it. Mark seconds. Motion passed. Mark motions that administrative things under $100 that Ryan pays without bringing to vote at meetings.  Cole seconded.  Motion passed.

Brats and Hot dogs and chips will be served at the tailgate. Brownies, tea and lemonade. Pat motioned and Suzanne seconded.  Vote carried.

Mark volunteered to make brats, relish, and kraut. We will have a grill there for making the brats and hot dogs.

Foundation meeting – Suzanne motioned that we would split proceeds with the foundation going forward on a large project.  Motion seconded by Pat.  Motion carried.

Next meeting will be public. We will elect a new secretary and treasurer. We will post the notice at the post office.

Husker weekend needs stipulated.  Rule is level of $150 or higher – businesses are eligible but booster club committee members are not. Lower is an EC family pass valued at $80. Various other prizes may be awarded. This was motioned by Cole and seconded by Amy.  Motion carried.

Discussion on officer meeting – date August 9th. 7:00pm