Minutes 2016-08-09

EC Booster Club – August 9th, 2016

President Pat Hellriegel, Vice President Suzanne Brodine, Treasurer Ryan Strope, Secretary Mark Gillming, Amy Gillming, Cole Brodine, Ryan Hellriegal, and Cheryln Hunt were in attendance. Davis and Tammy Miner, Ann Hinrichsen, Holly Sindt, Calli and Dave Meier, Rick Bauer also attended the meeting.

Pat called meeting to order.  Agenda was presented and approved.

Pat asked Rick about the card sales that were presented at the athletics meeting last night. Cards were included with prior commitments from past administration. We would like to make it known that we did not make this decision to sell the cards. We are no longer trying to keep funds at the school as with this agreement therefore it was presented for the booster club.

Amy went to moonlight and checked out apparel. We need to decide the logo that we want on shirts for Stampede. Pricing is $8 including screen print and we can sell for whatever amount. They would like to leave the store open for 2 weeks and can still order after if needed. Jackets, shirts and sweatshirts were discussed.  Amy would like to have the merchandise in hand by the first football game and Stampede. We discussed the price adjustment in the store for $5 – Cole motioned $5 again – Ryan seconded – motion  carried.

Stampede – discussed games. Suzanne and Cole ordered prizes and extra stuff for sporting events.  Float idea – we will just walk through with the banner.                                 We will go from the parade to 1pm with games.

Tailgate – pulled pork, beans, chips – 630pm to halftime

Membership – Alicia and Mark resigned from the board prior to new members being added.

Pat discussed the board and our meetings. She discussed our projects we hope to achieve for the year. Suzanne and Cole discussed a few things that we have been doing and our involvement. Cole discussed our board and some of the hopes that we have for future committees. Holly asked if she could be on. Holly was nominated and approved. Dave and Calli Meier asked if they could be on. They were nominated and approved. Davis and Tammy Minor also nominated and approved.

Voting members are:

Pat Hellriegel Suzanne Brodine Amy Gillming Cole Brodine Ryan Strope

Cherlyn Hunt Chad Hunt Dave Meier Calli Meier Holly Sindt Tammy Miner Davis Miner

Secretary – Suzanne nominated Cole and Ryan H seconded it. Was approved. Treasurer – Amy nominated herself and Cole seconded it.  Was approved.

Website tailgate post – 630 pm pulled pork – chips, beans, dessert We discussed the tailgate donations.

Cole motioned that we put an add in the beacon for our membership fundraiser and giveaway. Mark seconded and it was approved. We will also put up flyers at some local businesses. Cole discussed posting to the website and some ideas for when we give donations. He asked us to assist him with posting to the site and send him pictures and info for posting.  Amy asked about previous donation lists and donors.  Minutes were also discussed and can be posted going forward. Holly asked about an item that we can give out with their donation. Davis volunteered to make some decals. Pat volunteered to write thank you’s and Tammy volunteered to assist.

$4,354.34 in the account. We have $1,000 allocated for shirts/merchandise for the fundraisers. We will have a bill from Fosters for food. Our decision was to hold $800 in our account at all times. A discussion broke out for projects going forward. Rick discussed the money needed for camps and coaches expectations. Dave asked Rick to explain the card sales and how much money is expected to be raised for the club.

New business – signature card – Suzanne nominated that old officers removed and new added. Dave seconded. This would remove Mark and Ryan Strope and add Cole and Amy Gillming.

The next meeting will be Thursday October 6th at 7pm. Cole motioned to adjourn and Dave seconded.