Minutes 2016-10-06

Elm Creek Booster Club

Meeting October 6, 2016

7:00 p.m. Elm Creek High School

 Call Meeting to Order

 Approval of Minutes from the previous Meeting

 Old Business/Updates

  • Apparel Sales
    • Update from Amy
  • Tailgate
    • Update from Amy
  • Meeting with coaches/sponsors
    • We would like to meet with all coaches/sponsors
  • Volleyball Tournament
    • 5/6 grade – 5 teams doing a double elimination tournament
    • 7/8 grade – 6 teams doing pool play A & B and then #1 from A & B play for 1st & 2nd, #2 from A & B play for 3rd & 4th, #3 from A & B play for 5th & 6th
    • Champions – T-Shirts
    • Runner-ups – Medals
    • Student Helpers – Volleyball will ref and do scoring, we have 4 kids 9-11 & 3 kids 11-1, Brandi said Karsten and Maci can help but didn’t specify a time
  • Foundation Banquet
    • Update from Mr. Bauer
    • Booster Club Donating Flag, 2-shirts, & Stadium Seat

New Business

  • Student involvement in Booster Club Events
  • Accepting Credit Cards
    • Cole
  • Any Other New Business

Open Comments

Next Meeting Date, Time, & Location


Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM

Attendees are Cherlyn Hunt, Calli Meier, Tammy Miner, Ann Hinrichson, Holly Sindt, Davis Miner, Mr. Caveny, Jason Sullivan, Cole Brodine, Becky Smith, Ryan Strope

No comments on old minutes

Apparel sales $475, cards $630.  Approximate income for the Tailgate was over $1000.  Still getting an exact count after costs.

Meeting with Coaches and sponsors so that everybody is on the same page.  Will discuss more.  Important that they know what is going on and what we can do for them.  Booster Club meetings are open to all coaches and sponsors.

Volleyball tourney update.  5 teams for 5th and 6th.  Double elimination tournament.  7th & 8th will be a pool A and pool B.  Winners from each pool will play each other.  Championship teams will get a T-shirt.  Runner up will receive metals.  Student helpers will do refereeing and scoring.  Cross country, football and volleyball will fill in spots also.

On Nov 4th (day of foundation banquet) decorating will start at 8:30 in the morning and will take any help that can be provided.  Table decorations, wall, etc.  Davis will attend to help decorate.  Booster club will donate a flag, shirts and stadium seats to the foundation.

Stadium seats – can we sell stadium seats?  We have a stadium seat we could set out to show.  People have shown some interest in selling stadium seats due to demand.  Davis has 22 flags he wants to buy.  Balance right now is $12,785.84.  Could put them in the front office.  Could we put them at Fosters or some place in town to make them available?  Maybe put them up at the old concession stand?  Davis will talk to Fosters about helping us display and sell apparel and other items.

Took a while to get shirts made this year.  May need to push on the apparel more to make sure it gets done on time.  Have used sailor screen printing or T&M in the past also.  Miskos does it also.  Kids want a black shirt with metallic black writing.  Kearney High kids have shirts like that.

Shopify discussion – Cole will sign up and do for $9 a month.

Overton has a website where apparel will be sold.

Holly will talk to Moonlight about getting apparel designed.  Will look into items other than shirts like socks.

Mr. Sullivan worked with the Booster Club in a school in Texas.  Has been in Lexington also.  They sold stuff at cost to get people in Lexington apparel.  Here, we were previously supposed to just raise funds to help unify fundraising.

Pat – Booster Club has only seen one request from a coach so far.  Coaches previously have submitted requests

Do we want to require students to help with the Booster Club fundraisers?  Is there a way to incentivize them?  Maybe use camps to help incentivize kids to help.  Need to help with events, etc.  NEED TO WRITE A POLICY FOR BOOSTER CLUB.

Youth Basketball Tournament – Do we want to do one?  Need to find a date if we are going to do one.  Davis – Do late March for a Basketball Tournament.  How early do we need to plan it?  Holly will look up the weekend that Bertrand and Loomis have games.  Basketball weekends are open for the day after the Elwood game and the one other game. WILL ORGANIZE NEXT MEETING.

Youth Wrestling Tournament?

Boys Basketball Program sent a thank you to the Booster Club for paying for camps this summer.

Somebody suggested pocket calendars for a fund raiser item.

Cole motions to close and Cherlyn seconds the motion to close.  Next meeting will be on November 3rd, 2016, 7:00 PM at the Elm Creek School.