Minutes 2016-11-03

Attendance: Pat, Davis, Tammy, Holly, Suzanne, Cole, Rick, Becky, Ann

Pat – Call the meeting to order

Agenda is approved as presented

Minutes from the previous meeting are approved as is.


Old Business

Made about $1300 from the volleyball tournament.  Seemed to go really well.  Out of the building by 2:30 PM.

Foundation Banquet is tomorrow.  Setup is at 8:30 AM if anybody is available.  Can talk to Lynnette if anybody has questions.

Stadium seats – there are about 12 left

Apparel sales –

Had stuff out at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Orders we have gotten have been good, but haven’t gotten much of the fan cloth stuff yet.  Would like to put the apparel stuff on the facebook page and the announcements.  Would also send it as an email to the kids and parents.  Sale ends next Wednesday on the 9th.  We make more based on how much we sell.


May want to consider letting everybody know for Christmas.

Youth Basketball Tournament

Do we want to do this in this year?  May need to put it off until March or so.  Do we want to consider a soup supper instead?  If we don’t do it this year, we need to see what dates other schools do their tournaments on so we can avoid other schools dates.


New Business

Soup Supper – what available dates do we have?

Mr. Bauer – would like to do more stuff than Runza but wants to avoid doing things like Soup Suppers on the same days.  Needs to check the calendar for what dates are available.

January 7th – Soup Supper Date for the Booster Club.

Coaches Requests – There were 4 requests send previously by email.  There is one additional request that will be proposed.

Travel Bags for the Football Team – General discussion is positive towards funding the bags.  Will table votes until enough members are present to vote

Wrestling Camp – Will be tabled until enough voters are present.

Music Department – Stereo for the iPad.  Will send out an email and do an electronic vote

Golf request – Will wait for a formal request and table until more voting members are at a meeting.

Volleyball request – Will wait for a formal request and more voting members to be at the meeting.

Tammy – Requests from people in town, would we consider having a community supper for the football team?  Maybe some sort of freewill donation?

Davis – Would we consider having a charter bus for the team if they make it to state?

Discussion occurred over criteria to decide when a charter bus would be made available.

Mr. Bauer – When you become runner up or state champion you have the ability to purchase mini trophies for the kids.  Would we consider using Booster Club funds to get the mini trophies for the kids?  They are usually approximately $35 each.


Next Meeting will be at the School on Jan 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM.