Minutes 2017-01-03

Call the meeting to Order


Approval of Minutes from the 10-6-16 meeting


Resignation of Vice President Suzanne Brodine

Davis moves to accept resignation

Ryan seconds

All in favor of accepting


Nominations for a replacement on the board

Nominate Ann to be on the board

Tammy seconds

All in favor of Ann to be on the executive board


Election of new Vice President

Pat nominates Holly

Tammy seconds

Holly is elected as Vice President



Old Business

Foundation Banquet

Rick any updates on numbers


Banquet raised ~$14,000

Buying new gymnasium mats.  All money was given to the school.

Rick presented a example of what the new mats will look like


Apparel update

Holly – Waiting on funds from Fan Club.  Didn’t make a ton of money yet.  Have 3 extra shirts due to an error at the printers.


Amy is trying to get the chairs, but hasn’t been able to get there when they were open.  We ordered 20 stadium seats.  Have already sold 3 of them.  Holly will keep them in her room at school.  Was sent some other designs, but haven’t done anything with them yet.


We are going to do an all-black T-shirt.  Still working on designs with the manufacturer.  Going to do them all on-line.


The lady in Kansas makes T-shirts one at a time if we need to.


Pat – we still have plenty of flags and T-shirts.  Stadium seats also.


Coach’s requests


Football – request for the Travel bags.  $33 per bag was what was asked for.  50 bags, so $1650 total.


Rick – We’ll have the coach get a proposal together and submit to the club


Holly mentions that we purchase, Amy seconds.  All in favor.  Bags will be purchased.


Golf – Request for rain suits for #59.95 per set.  About $360 worth.  Also requested baseball style hats with the EC logo.  About $11.99 to $13.99 per hat.  Stocking hats were requested also.  Last meeting we discussed not buying stuff for kids to keep.


Rick – had issues in the past with allowing kids to buy items when they graduate.  People complained about mismatching uniforms, etc.  Problems when things are being discontinued.  The school may need to have that discussion down the road.


What about kids that we don’t have sizes for the next year.  Booster club will consider buying more rain gear next year to add additional sizes that are needed.  Rain gear would be handy in the past for the gold team.


Cole motions to approve the rain gear and deny the hats, second by Dave Meier.  All were in favor of the motion.


Volleyball – Request for ball cart for ~$100.  Aircat training machine was ~$3600.  3 each Blocking pads ($42 each) and setter training balls (~$45 each) also on the request.  Also requested team t-shirts that would be kept by the girls.


Dave Meier motions to accept the request for the ball cart, blocking pads an setter training balls, deny others. Second by Davis Miner.  Motion carries.


Music – Thank you was sent from Mrs. Lowe for the new Stereo.


Discussion on how much money is in each activity account.  We will probably get requested to have camps paid for until we deny some of them.  Where is the money going for sports doing concession stands, etc?  Booster club is not getting it.  Currently the AD at Elm Creek does not handle the financial side of the activities at Elm Creek.  Can’t comment on where the money went to currently.  May want to request that Mr. Sullivan comes and talks to the Booster Club about what activities funds raised at events goes to.


Soup Supper –

Start serving at 5:00 PM

Pat has a prior commitment during the game, so she will be here before and after.  Amy will run the soup supper.

Chili and Chicken Noodle Soup

Items are ordered from Fosters.  Beans, Broth, Crackers and Seasoning.

Will setup towards the back of the room so there is more space for the concession stand.  Will probably need some extension cords.  Will there be any special items sold at the concession stand at the same time?

Desserts – Everyone will need to bring two dozen individually wrapped desserts.

Have bowls, spoons, napkins from last time.  Still need a few more cups.

What time can we get into the school on Saturday?  Holly will be back after a prior commitment in Lexington ends.

Tea & Water – I still have a jar of tea

Help – Cole, Dave and Amy will be here the whole time.  Others will come and go as needed.

Freewill Donation

Game will be Parents Night

Will setup the Credit Card reader for the Soup Supper.  Will bring T-Shirts, Flags, and Stadium Seats.

Setup at 4:00 PM.  Amy will come up at noon to make soup.


New Business


Next thing will be doing team bags for districts.  Wrestling will be before basketball.


Next Meeting Date, Time & Location


We will call a meeting to order if needed.  Simple requests we can vote by email.  We will vote for items less than $500 via email.


Do we need to have another public meeting?  After awards night?


Motion by Cole to have our Public Meeting after Awards Night, seconded by Tammy.  Motion carries.  Next meeting will be May 1st after awards night.


I motion to adjourn, Davis seconds.  Motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM.