Minutes 2017-05-09

Attendees – Davis & Tammy Miner, Calli Meier, Becky Frizzell, Holly Sindt, Rick Bauer, Ryan Strope, Amy Gilliming, Cole Brodine, Jason Sullivan, John Kosch

Call to order from Pat Hellrigal at 8:16 PM


Calli Meier – All in favor of letting Calli retire from the Board.

Holly Sindt – All in favor of her as new President

All members re-elected.

Vice President – Tammy nominates Pat Hellriegal for Vice President.  Ann seconds.  All in favor, motion carries.

Rick Bauer will be replaced by the new Athletic Director at the next meeting.

Old Business


Amy has received all current requests.  Boys Basketball is here but has not been given to Mr. Caveny yet but is here.  Would be great to get pictures with the people given items if possible.  That way we can get items on the website to notify people of what the Booster Club is spending items on.

New Business

Funds update – $10,334.56 is in our bank account.  All items have currently cleared.


2017-2018 Fundraising Events


Calli – DO we want to do a Basketball Tournament?

We should start getting it organized not if possible.  Holly is going to be coordinating the date for the Basketball Tournament.  Do we want to do a Volleyball Tournament?  Ann will coordinate a date.  Going to setup groups to coordinate.


Basketball Committee – Holly, Amy, Ryan, Cole

Volleyball Committee – Becky, Ann, Pat, Holly

Buffalo Stampede – Maybe a dunk tank if nobody else is going to do it?  Maybe partner with the seniors?  Dunk tank was from Litchfield.  Fire Department contacted them to get it for us.  Ms. Harlan is the Senior Class Sponsor.  Holly will talk to Ms. Harlan about that.

Maybe consider BBQ or something at the Volleyball tournament during the Stampede.  Lindsay McCarter organizes the event.  Need to check with the city on the street closure.

We have stadium seats, flags and T-shirts to sell.

Tailgate – October 20th will be the tailgate against South Loup.

School Supplies for the Elementary School – Cole will lead a fundraiser to get items together for the school teachers and possibly charge parents to have school supplies pre-sorted and waiting at school.

Updated Membership forms – Looking at having membership forms to add signups for helping at certain events.  This way other individuals can help organize and help at events.  Consider listing all the things that the Booster Club supports.  Also add link to the website to tell people to see what we’ve donated to in the past.

Membership lists – We are going to change membership lists so that amounts donated are not listed on next to the names.  That way people don’t have to worry about.  Cole motions that we no longer put values next to names, Amy seconds.  Motion passes.

How do we continue to get the Booster Club to grow?  Maybe add a list of past items we’ve donated to with the membership form.  Will consider doing the Window Cling and give them to whomever joins the Booster Club.

Motion from Amy to add Becky Frizzell and Sarah Keim to the executive committee.  All are in favor.

Additional New Business

Mr. Kosch would like to know about expectations from the Booster Club to give money for events.  Had some discussion with the group about what would be appropriate.  Discussion also on the Band Trip and if the Booster Club can fund any of it.  Discussion on what is acceptable for Band Trip fundraising.

Discussion on where money is going from fundraising from sports organizations.  Mr. Sullivan indicated that money from concession stands goes to the general funds.  Camps and other items that the organizations run separately goes in the general fund.  There was more discussion on what the accounts for individual items are used for and what money goes in and out of them.

Ann, Davis and Holly will attend the Curriculum and Finance Meeting with the School Board on Tuesday.

Motion to table the conversation by Cole, Second by Tammy.  All in favor.