Minutes 2017-08-07


Elm Creek Booster Club

Meeting August 7, 2017

8:00 p.m. Elm Creek High School

 Call Meeting to Order

 Approval of Minutes from July 11th  Meeting

 Old Business/Updates

  • Requests – Amy update on request items we have received
  • 2017-2018 Fundraising Events
    • Buffalo Stampede
    • Volleyball Tournament
    • Other Ideas
  • School Supplies Fundraiser – Cole
  • Pictures – Mike & Brandi
  • EC decal for members

New Business

  • Update from Treasurer – Amy
  • Committees
  • Membership forms – gets dates set for fundraising and have members sign up to help with those events
  • New ideas from AD (if present)
  • Welcome banner in gym
  • Any Other New Business

Open Comments

Next Meeting Date, Time, & Location


Meeting Minutes

Attendees – Pat, Ryan, Holly, Anne, Amy Cole, Davis, Tammy, Becky, Sarah

Community Members also present.

Motion to approve minutes by Cole, seconded by Pat.

Holly – Shared the google spreadsheet with requests.  Had one request from Basketball.  Discussion on the basketball hoops and if they are appropriate for our group to purchase since main use case is for the Elementary school.  Discussion on basketball hoops price also.  Discussion on what age groups generally attend basketball tournaments in Elementary Schools.

Motion to deny the request by Pat, seconded by Becky.  Motion carries.  Booster Club with contact Tanner with reasons for denial of request.

Previous requested items have been delivered to the school and are now received by the activities with the requests.


Buffalo Stampede.  Waiting to hear on requested items from sponsors.

Volleyball Tournament – Holly and Becky will not be present

Basketball Tournament – Need to come up with a date for the tournament.  Previously put together a committee for the tournament be no date.  Elementary Basketball normally starts in January or February.  May need to go to February.  Anybody not competing in the Kearney tournaments may.

Will table the discussion of a date for the basketball tournament.

Discussion to Consider scheduling an Elementary track meet as a fundraiser with other schools.

School Supply fundraiser will be postponed until next spring to give more time for parents.

Will take photos with coaches tomorrow.

Davis will manufacture decals.  Discussion on how many are needed.  Current member count is 42.  Will do 75 decals by next Tuesday.  Thank you letters will be written and sent with the decals.  Letters are already written.  Can do pre-written letters with blanks for new members so they can receive them as they donate.  Discussion on if we need a Thank You letter with the decals to protect them or not.

Are we doing a table at Buffalo Stampede?  Will depend on if we get the car fundraiser or not.  May put a table at the Football poweraid fundraiser on the 18th or the Volleyball on the 25th depending on what days the game occurs.

Treasurer’s report

$10,211.86 in the account.  Most recent bill was for PO Box rent for $70.



Volleyball Tournament Committee – Date is set and committee is organizing.

Basketball Tournament Committee – Committee is formed.

Need to create a tailgate committee, thank you committee, letters to patrons (to who already donated and to solicit more donations).  District Goodie Bags Committee.  Need to setup specific guidelines for the goodie bags as to when they are given and what triggers them to be given.

Tailgate is scheduled for October 20th.  We are already on the school calendar.  Holly, Sarah, Tammy and Ryan.  Previously did walking tacos and pulled pork.

Letters & Thank Yous Committee – Pat, Becky and Holly

Membership forms were completed by Davis.

We will be removing the membership levels and donation amounts.

Need to contact Mike Brown RE: Welcome Banner in the gym and for the Stadium.  Holly will contact Mike Brown.

Apparel Sales – All students will sell from a book of possible items, including some apparel items.  Kids will have a fall, winter and spring opportunity to sell shirts.  Any money raised by kids will go into their specific accounts.

Discussion from the Booster Club regarding the differences between apparel sold by the school and the Booster Club.  Discussion RE: items sold by the school and how the money will go into an account.  Discussion with the AD regarding apparel sales.

Holly will get items.  Motion that Holly will decide what itmes are sold by Cole, second by Davis.

New AD, Cory, came with some new ideas.  Possibly Elementary Track Meet was an idea.  School will put the membership form in the front of each sport’s program.  We can provide an announcement to be given at games or events also.  Discussion on what happens to money in kid’s accounts after they graduate.  Discussed some ideas that we could provide for the gym, e.g. the Welcome Banner, a sign, etc.


Next meeting is scheduled for September 12th at 7:00 PM.

Motion to adjourn by Pat, second by Tammy.  All are in favor.