Minutes 2017-09-12

Elm Creek Booster Club

Meeting September 12, 2017

7:00 p.m. Elm Creek High School


Call Meeting to Order

 Approval of Minutes from August 7th Meeting

 Old Business/Updates

  • Requests – Amy update on request items we have received
  • 2017-2018 Fundraising Events
    • Volleyball Tournament
  • EC decal for members-have any been given out yet?
  • Welcome banner in gym

New Business

  • Update from Treasurer – Amy
  • Apparel sales
  • Pictures-Mr. Kosch
  • Membership update
  • New requests?
  • Volleyball tournament-September 30th
  • Districts
    • XC October 12th
    • FB October 26th
    • VB October 30th
  • Any Other New Business
  • Bank resolution
  • Tailgate (October 20th)
  • Table set up at home games?
    • VB Sept 19 4:00 pm
    • FB Oct 6 3:00 pm
    • VB/FB Oct 20 4:30 pm
    • VB Oct 24 5:00 pm
  • Basketball tournament February 24th???
  • Track May 5th????

Open Comments

Next Meeting Date, Time, & Location


Meeting Minutes

Attendees were Cole Brodine, Becky Frizzell, Ann Hinricksen, Sarah Keim, Tara Fouts, Dave Meier, Amy Gillming, Pat Hellriegel, Mitch Muma, Ryan Strope, Robert West, Melissa Knapp, Ryan Knapp

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved by Pat, Seconded by Becky.

Band Shoes have been received.  We have an invoice for $1,675.  Do we have a Tax ID#?  We need to have a Tax ID for the school to avoid paying sales tax.  We will work with the school to get the invoice paid.

Volley Ball Tournament

  • We sent invites to 14 schools.  No registrants yet.  Pat sent update and moved the date back for registration.
  • Holly sent something to the High School kids to do concession stands, line judges, etc.
  • Attendees to the meeting had heard previously from other communities that our officiating was unfair.  Could be due to using younger referees.  We’ll have to see who we can get for volunteers to see if we can referee with adults.  If no teams sign up we won’t need to worry about it this time.  We made about $1300 last year.
  • Some meeting attendees volunteered to help.

Decals have not been handed out yet.  We need to get them to donors.  We will hand out decals to donors as we see them at events.

A banner was provided by Mike Brown.  We need to get a typo fixed and the banner replaced.

New business

Balance as of the meeting was $11,765.42.  $600 in deposits are pending along with the outstanding invoice for band shoes.

Apparel sales are completed.  There is no information on sales output yet.  We will repeat the sale on November 1st so that it will be available for Christmas.  We are taking requests from kids.  We have had requests for more Navy items also.

We are checking on other apparel & items.  There is a place in Gibbon that has bucket hats for sale.  We will consider selling these also.  Axtel has ordered these before, so somebody will check with them to determine quality.

We need to obtain a photo for the Band Shoes that we can put on the website, etc.  We will consider putting the photos on the roster, etc with the list of donors.

Membership update – List is currently very small.  Can’t seem to get information from people on whey they aren’t supporters.  Would like to fill the back of the rosters with names.  Discussion was that we need to advertise what we have purchased.  Let people know that we’ve done things so far.  Consider putting some information in the Beacon.  Maybe an insert for the rosters with items already purchased?

  • We will put an article in the Beacon
  • Reminder! Board Members should donate to be on the donor list


  • Wresting (Coach West) requests kettlebell dumbbags.  They are part of the wrestling workout and other workouts.  They can be used for crossfit workouts also.  The requested dumbbags can be filled with sand to adjust the weight.  They will be kept with the wrestling gear.  Wrestling is willing to share with other activities that want to use them.  Approximate cost is $150 each.  Motion by Holly to purchase, seconded by Cole.  Vote passes.  Amy will work with Coach West to get them purchased.
  • Other items will be tabled for the next meeting.  Discussion was that the school may be able to provide some of the other requested items.

There is a Wrestling meet with wrestling Alumni on Dec 12th.  It is a dual with Ord.

Item on movable hoops were brought up from last meeting.  Discussion followed on if the bylaws allowed the item or not.  General Consensus was that Booster Club money should be spent on items you can letter in, which should not need adjustable hoops.

District Goody Bags – We need to schedule times to put together the bags.  Cross Country bags will be done on Oct 8th in the evening.  Football & Volleyball will be done on Oct 22nd.  Both will be done at 7:00 PM.

Bank Resolution – Need a new signature card at the Bank.  Needs to be signed by Pat, Cole, Amy and Holly.  Motion to approve the change was made by Cole, seconded by Amy.  Vote passes.

The tailgate will be Oct 20th.  Walking Tacos will be the food provided.  We will notify Callaway of the feed.  Will cook about 40 lbs of Hamburger.  Fouts will donate 10 lbs.  Will contact Tyson for donations.  Will discuss further on the 8th of October.

Tables at Home Games – Cole & Pat will do Homecoming on Oct 6th.  Tara & Pat will do the Oct 24th game.

Potential dates were discussed for a Basketball tournament.  Discussion followed.  It was decided that a 3vs3 tournament would be done on December 3rd at 1:00 PM.  We will need refs, etc as the date draws closer.

The next meeting will be held on Oct 17th at 7:00 PM at the school.