Minutes 2017-10-17

Elm Creek Booster Club

Meeting October 17, 2017

7:00 p.m. Elm Creek High School

 Call Meeting to Order

 Approval of Minutes from September 12th  Meeting

  Old Business/Updates

  • Requests – Amy update on request items we have received
  • 2017-2018 Fundraising Events
    • 3-3 tournament
  • Districts
    • FB October 26th
    • VB October 30th
  • Tailgate

New Business

  • Update from Treasurer – Amy
  • Membership update
  • New requests?
  • Any Other New Business
  • Table set up at home games?
    • VB Sept 19 4:00 pm
    • FB Oct 6 3:00 pm
    • VB/FB Oct 20 4:30 pm
    • VB Oct 24 5:00 pm
  • Track May 5th????

Open Comments

Next Meeting Date, Time, & Location


Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM

Attendees were Lance Keim, Sarah Keim, Davis Miner, Ryan Strope, Becky Frizzel, Pat Hellriegel, Ann Hinrechsen, Amy Gillming, Cole Brodine, Holly Sindt

Approval of Minutes from the last meeting – Motion by Pat to approve, second by Ann


Old Business


Previous Requests – No update on the laminated signs for Wrestling.  Mr. Spotanski will give an update at a future meeting on electronic signs


2017-2018 Fundraising


Volleyball was cancelled, but we have shirts and medals.  We will attempt a tournament next year.


3 on 3 tournament

Flyer is done.  Discussion on mailing or emailing out the flyer.  We will try to email out first and send mail later if the response is poor.  Pat can get us more contacts if needed.  Tournament will be Dec 3rd at 1:00 PM.


At Overton everybody gets a T-shirt and top places get a medal.  We will provide 5 shirts per team for the winning teams.  We will order T-shirst ASAP


District Bags for FB & VB will be put together at 7:00 PM this coming Sunday.


Tailgate – Need to do a Flyer.  Haven’t sent something to South Loop yet.  Everything is ordered.  The Taco bags are difficult  to figure out what Cash-Wa has.  Holly will pick them up on Friday.  We will do 300-350.  We got 60 lbs of meat donated.  Amy has Napkins from the Bank.  Ann can get more Bank Napkins if needed.  We will need 3 roasters.  Davis and Amy will provide the roasters.  Holly & Cole will cook the meat Thursday night at the school at 7:00 PM.  Roasters will be plugged in by Ryan at 3:00 PM on Friday at the concession stand.  We will buy bottled water at Menards.  We will meet at the Old Concession stand at 5:30 PM and start serving at 6:00 PM.  Discussion on who can attend the tailgate follows.


New Business

Treasurer Report – No change since last time


We are still working on buying the Kettle Bells for the Wrestling Team.


Membership update – One new membership since last meeting.


Track Meet – Amy has some updates on the track items from somebody.  We’ll discuss it more after Jan 1st.


Soup Supper – Will be during the Pleasanton Game, Jan 19th.  Consider something other than Soup.


We will consider doing an order through Miskos or Gibbon for the next athletic event.  Gibbon is Dynamic Tees.  Discussion followed on other locations that apparel could come from.


Cole motions to adjourn, Amy seconds