Minutes 2017-11-14

Attendees: Holly Sindt, Cole Brodine, Becky Frizzel, Ann Hinrichsen, Ryan Strope, Amy Gillming, Tammy Miner, Davis Miner, Robert West, Dave Meier, Pat Hellreigel


Call Meeting to Order

Approval of Minutes from October 17th Meeting

Old Business/Updates


  • Amy update on requested items we have received
  • One Act bags
  • Football Meal


New Business –

  • Update from Treasurer
  • New requests
  • 3-3 Tournament
  • Record Boards-Mr. Spotanski
  • Table set up at home games for basketball?
  • Any other new business
  • Track May 5th???

Open Comments

Next Meeting Date, Time & Location


Approval of Minutes from the minutes, Amy motions, Tammy seconds minutes are approved.



Kettle Ball items were delivered to the school for the wrestling team.

Costume bags for One Act were ordered and delivered to the school.

Football meal went over well.  Booster Club received a thank you card from the Football Team.


No new requests at this time.


Tailgate Fundraiser – Grossed $984 from donations for food


Treasurer Report – No report at this time


3-3 Tournament

Have some signups now for the tournament from EC and Loomis.  What do we need to order to get started?  Pat suggested getting more generic medals in case we get stuck with them again.  Probably need to order medals this week to make sure they get here in time.  We have 6 divisions, so we only need 6 sets of medals.  Consider getting stickers to put on the back of the medals to indicate the event and year of the tournament so we aren’t out as much if they don’t get used.


Pat will take care of ordering medals for the 3-3 tournament.


Need to get some people to referee the games.  We could have up to 6 courts going at a time if wanted.  We would need 12 referees.  Consider getting the seniors to volunteer.  Davis will ask Mr. Caveny and Mr. Ford about volunteering also.  Scott Meier and Bryce Sadd may volunteer if asked.  Mr. Dueland may be able to referee also.  Consider Mr. Muma as well.


We will need people to work the concession stand and the gate.  Need clock runners and scorers also.  Mr. Sullivan can help do a sheet to help sign up kids for volunteer hours.


Holly will resend the email out.  We would like to have at least 4 in each group.  Less and we will cancel.  We will review sign ups on the 28th.


Booster Club Members should plan on being at the tournament on the 3rd to help.


Record Boards – Mr. Spotanski


Davis has some mock ups.  We looked at some samples and discussed the location they would be placed in the school.  Ag Dryer will donate signs if needed along with Mike Brown.  They will need to discuss with the boards with the coaches to ensure the correct records are on there.


Mr. Spotanski – Would the Booster Club be willing to split the cost with the Athletic Department?  Discussion was that we would.


Table setups for Basketball Games


We can do it through December and then stop.  Also setup at the wrestling tournament in January.  Holly will send out dates to sign up.


Apparel sales


All items should be in before the first game.  Holly worked with the Miskos office in Minden.  Orders are all in now.


Other New business


Coach West – Dec 12 will be the Wrestling Alumni Tournament against Ord and do a wrestle under the spotlight item.  Should be both ranked teams.  Starts at 6:00 PM currently but might be pushed back.


Possible Track Meet Fundraiser on May 5th.


Discussion tabled for future meeting.


Soup Supper on January 19th


We will make 2 roasters of chicken noodle soup.  Cole will make Vegetable Beef Soup.  Consider Potato soup instead.


Open Comments


Next Meeting Date, Time & Location will be January 9th @ 7 PM at the school


Pat motions to adjourn, Ann seconds.  Meeting is adjourned at 7:39 PM.