Minutes 2018-01-09

Attendees: Holly Sindt, Cole Brodine, Becky Frizzel, Ryan Strope, Amy Gillming, Davis Miner, Dave Meier, Pat Hellreigel, Cory Spotanski, Mitch Muma

Elm Creek Booster Club
Meeting January 9, 2018
7:00 p.m. Elm Creek High School

Call Meeting to Order
Approval of Minutes from November 14th Meeting
Old Business/Updates –
– Requests – Amy update on request items we have received
-3 -3 tournament

New Business –
– Update from Treasurer – Amy
– New requests?
– Soup Supper
– Record Boards-Mr Spotanski
– Table set up at home games for basketball?
– Any Other New Business
– Track May 5 th ????

Open Comments
Next Meeting Date, Time, & Location


Holly Sindt, Becky, Cory, Pat, Amy, Dave Meier, Ryan, Davis


Wrestling has received their kettle bells.  Costume bag has been delivered.  3 on 3 tournament went well with the exception of one bracket mistake.  We made approximately $1500 on the tournament.  Some discussion on the tournament and some suggestions were proposed for next year.  We will consider charging at the door for future tournaments.


Treasurer report.  $16,179.07 in the bank.  There are no outstanding bills.


New request – Track is requesting that we help purchase a pole vault landing system.  Cost suggested is about $14,000 for the total system.  They are asking the Booster Club to pay $2000 towards the landing system.  Discussion on the mat follows.  There will be some shopping around to hopefully get a better price also.  The mat lasts 15-20 years.  Discussion on proper care of the mat occurred.


Cole motions to spend up to $4000 on the pole vault mat.  Davis seconds.  Vote passes.


Soup supper is on the 19th of January.  We will be serving chicken noodle, chili and potato soup.  Dessert will be cookies from Eileens.  Drinks are tea and lemonade.  We will plan for 300 people.  Gates average ~600 people.  Holly will post on Facebook to see if any other members will help with the soup supper.  We will do a sign up to help with wrestling concessions at the Soup Supper after we hear from the Wrestling Team.


Record boards – No quote back yet from Mike.  We will discuss again at the next meeting.


Set up tables at Basketball games?  Discussion followed on a potential merchandise store, storage for merchandise and other logistics related to merchandise.


Booster club will help run the District Wrestling tournament concessions with the wrestling club and split the take.  We will contact Bob West and relay information to members via email.


Holly will email about district goodie bags and when we can get together to make those.  Will consider adding something “fun” to the goodie bags.


We will do an elementary track meet as a fund raiser.  Right now we are going to do a 1st thru 6th grade track meet.  Date is May 5th, 2019.  Further discussion will be held at the next meeting.


Next meeting – March 13th, 7:00 PM at the Elm Creek School.


Dave Meier motions to adjourn, Becky seconds.