Minutes 2018-10-16

Elm Creek Booster Club

Meeting October 16, 2018

7:00 p.m. Elm Creek High School


Call Meeting to Order


Approval of Minutes from September 11, 2018 Meeting


Old Business/Updates

  • Requests – Amy update on request items we have received

-Record Board-Mr. Spotanski

-chairs-Mr. Spotanski


New Business

  • Update from Treasurer – Amy

-check from apparel?

  • New requests?
    • Basketball bags-Mr. Cavenee

-Jimmy Johns for Football (October 19th), Volleyball (October 23)

-district bags- football October 25?) Volleyball October 29

-3v3 tournament December 2

-vote on executive board

-Ann, Dave Davis, Tammy, Holly

-soup supper December 14th



Open Comments


Next Meeting Date, Time, & Location

November 13, 2018



Attendees: Ryan Strope, Ann, Tammy, Becky, Pat, Amy, Corey Spotanski, Holly, Tanner, Daisy, Lance, Sarah Kiem, Cole Brodine, Tara Pickel.

Ann motions to approve the minutes and Tammy seconds

Discussion over some new items that the school would like to look at.  Record boards, etc.  Booster club will contribute $1,780.  School will pick it all out and will make sure it says that it is sponsored by the Booster Club.  Holly motions to buy the record boards.  Davis seconds the motion.  Motion passes.

Chairs – Need to see more quotes?  Would be used for volleyball, wrestling and graduation.  $77 per chair for 40 chairs.  Normally are 130 each.  470 for the rack.  Quote is through BSN.  Chairs can be had for cheaper but quality looks to be an issue.  Chair is deluxe sideline chair.  Holly motions to purchase the chairs for $3369 plus a contribution from hte school.  Tammy seconds.  School will pick the design.  Corey will order them.

New Business

Treasurer report – $15,590.25 in the account.

Basketball is requesting team bags that could be used every year. $80 Bags.  Would like 25 bags.  Bags would be embroidered.  Reduced$56 per bag to due to quantity.  Booster club would like to get 30 bags to ensure we have enough for future years.  Tanner is planning on making an order with a few things tomorrow so we could get the bags then or later, depending on what we decide.  Pat motions to buy 30 backpacks, Lance seconds.  Passes.

Sandwiches are ordered for Football and will be ordered for volleyball soon.  Tuesday.

We need to do football and volleyball bags for districts.  Holly will take care of getting the bags

3v3 tournament coming up.  Will charge a $1 entry fee.  Pat will be the 3v3 committee chair and will organize the event.

Executive Board

Ann, Dave, Davis, Tammy and Holly are up for reelection.  Tara Pickel is nominated.  All are elected/re-elected.

Winter Kickoff- Nov 8th.  KME Country, 92.9.  Will cost $250 to have them here.  Corey would like to consider making this a Booster Club event.  Can reschedule if needed.  Do we want to make it a tail gate?  Corey will look into having it on a different date due to conflicts.  Looking into the 16th or the Friday before.  We will work out the details via email.  Maybe do a 3 point contest?  There would be 6 radio spots for people to use.  Maybe do an autograph table for the younger kids?  We will need to bring up the next Booster Club meeting to help plan this.

Do we need to consider feeding more teams that visit Elm Creek?  For Football? Other sports? May be a home game. Amy motions to feed the visiting team. Tammy seconds.  Motion passes.

Pay motions to adjourn, Davis seconds.

Next meeting will be November 13th