Minutes 2018-11-26

Elm Creek Booster Club

Meeting November 26, 2018

8:00 p.m. Elm Creek High School

Call Meeting to Order

Approval of Minutes from November 1, 2018 Meeting

Old Business/Updates

  • Requests – Amy update on request items we have received
  • Status on chair and record board orders
  • Winter kickoff

New Business

  • Update from Treasurer – Amy
  • New requests?
  • 3/3 tournament
    • helpers
    • brackets
    • awards (Pat medals?)

-soup supper December 14th

-potato, chicken noodle, chilli

-cookies, drinks

-bowls, spoons, etc

Open Comments

Next Meeting Date, Time, & Location

Do we want another meeting?


Attendees:  Mr. Spotanski, Holly, Cole, Becky, Sara, Davis, Tammy, Dave Meier, Amy, Ann, Pat


Call to Order


Motion to accept meeting minutes, Ann, seconded Tammy


Old Business


Requests –

Waiting on the chairs and the boards.  Tanner is working on getting the bags but might need to find another provider.  All items are coming from BSN that we are waiting on.  Some have had trouble in the past, but it could be related to issues with Nike or other providers


Winter Kickoff – Went well, but needs to maybe be advertised better.  People thought that it was just for kids.  Advertising might need to focus on parents and community members more in the future.  Do we want to do it in Fall and Winter next year?  Discussion followed on options for future similar events and when they can be done.


New Business


Treasurers report.  Roughly $15,000 in the account, but bags, chairs and boards have not been paid for yet.


New Requests

Mike Ford – Requesting Travel Suits for the team.  Current suits are 7 years old.  Down to 12 complete sets left.  17 kids are out and 11 kids have suits this year.  Would like to make the team look more uniform.  Mr. Ford has some quotes already.  Would do a logo on the jacket and the pant.  They are about $90 a set.  Wanting about 25 sets so there are some replacement available.  Could possibly have them ready for Jan 1 Loomis Game.  Basketball team could cover about $1000 of it if the Booster Club could cover $1500.  Dave Meier motions to approve $1800 to the girls basketball team for travel suits.  Holly seconds.  Passes unanimously.


3v3 Tournament

4 Jr. High boys teams signed up


Pat has the medals for the basketball tournament.

Amy will take care of money for the door.

Helpers are lined up.  We are still recruiting some out of town teams to help bolster numbers.


Discussion was had on how brackets will be setup.


Soup Supper

Hamburger is in the FCCLA room.  We shouldn’t need additional hamburger.  Tammy’s roaster is available to use in the FCCLA room.  Amy will pickup the cookies from Eileens.  Amy still has plenty of bowls and spoons.


Stadium seats should be in this week.


Discussion on the slide promoting the Booster Club.  May want a new logo?  Do we want a list of donors?


Sign with Booster Items will be hung from the wrestling deck.


Next meeting date TBD based on requests.


Motion to adjourn from Dave Meier, seconded by Davis Miner.